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Price list


Haircut with blow-dry                                                                                 Permanent hair colour (No haircut  and blow-dry)   

                                           Short   Medium                                                                                               Short   Medium                                                          

Adult                                    350kr   380kr    400kr                         Permanent hair colour                     600kr   700kr     800kr


Children 0-6 years                   200kr                                              Permanent (No haircut  and blow-dry)  

Children 7-12 years                 250kr                                                                                                Short   Medium   

Student & Pensioner                300kr                                              Permanent                                    800kr   900kr    1000kr                                                  

                                                                                                Permanent (Spiral)                         1300kr  1400kr  1500kr                                                                 

Haircut with blow-dry and wash

                                          Short   Medium                           Upstyle

Adult                                    450kr   480kr     500kr  

                                                                                                Upstyle                                        from 650kr

Student & Pensioner                400kr                                              Bridal upstyle                                from 2000kr


Foil highlight (No haircut  and blow-dry)    

                                                      Top       Half head     Whole head                   

Foil highlight                           800kr        900kr         1000kr               




                                               Prices are approximate and depends on how much material are used and the time the treatment takes